Montreal: among the most connected metropolises in the world

As part of the Montréal Strategic Forum, Montréal: alive with the international, Montréal International, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal and the Government of Québec have partnered with McKinsey & Compagnie to conduct an unprecedented study on the importance of international trade in Canada, in the context of international competitiveness.

This study looks at the flow of goods and services, people, data and capital and what that represents for Montréal as a metropolitan area.

The connectivity index was drawn from this analysis, making it possible to compare – using flows – the degree of the city’s integration to the global economy.

The results presented in this report look first at internationalization as an observable phenomenon globally and nationally and then concentrate on the implications of increased connectivity for Greater Montréal.

Connectivity ranks Greater Montréal as the 3rd largest metropolis in its economic space and 7th most connected metropolis in North America.

Following this analysis, Montréal International and the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal identified six avenues for action:

  1. Increase the efficiency and reach of existing programs to support and finance exports.
  2. Reinforce partnerships between Canadian multinationals and SMEs to make it easier for them to access foreign markets.
  3. Ensure the competitiveness of logistical hubs and strategic assets like ports, airports, railways and road networks.
  4. Further internationalize the talent pool of Greater Montréal by investing in four fronts.
  5. Promote the city internationally with a strong, unifying and distinctive brand image, inspired by best practices.
  6. Stimulate the digital exportation of services by developing digital infrastructure like the 5G network and using the businesses in our artificial intelligence hub.