Why Astek chose to make Greater Montréal its North American base

Why Astek chose to make Greater Montréal its North American base                                          

Access to markets

The region’s strong ICT culture, along with the presence of major clients—particularly in finance and aerospace—the willingness of companies to work with consultants, and a legal framework that is less restrictive than in the US made Greater Montréal the ideal location for Astek to launch its North American operations. The widespread use of French was also seen as an advantage, making communications easier between the company’s headquarters in France and its Canadian subsidiary.

Labour costs and availability

The pool of specialized ICT workers and dynamic schools and universities make it easier to find top-notch professionals. Pay scales, coupled with tax incentives such as the Refundable Tax Credit for e-Business Development make labour even more attractive. Astek has made Montréal its global development centre that will serve various North American markets in Canada and the US.

Simplicity, speed, efficiency

Thanks to procedures that make it easier to set up businesses in Greater Montréal, as well as personalized assistance provided by Montréal International, Astek was able to make its project a reality in short order—a noteworthy feat, considering that the group had previously had time-consuming and costly experiences setting up in other countries. “If every place had a welcome structure like Montréal International’s, our overseas expansion would be much easier.”

Yoann Rouleau, Chief International Officer, Astek International

“Our goal is to make Greater Montréal Astek’s beachhead in North America. Even if our customers are in Toronto, Western Canada or the US, our mandates will be developed and implemented out of Montréal by integrated teams with outstanding skills at a reasonable cost.”