What drives car2go’s car sharing service in Montréal

What drives car2go’s car sharing service in Montréal                                          

Population density

Some investors set up in Greater Montréal to conquer Québec, Canada or the continent; others come for the local market. This is the case for car2go, which was attracted by the metropolis’ population of 4 million. The Montréal agglomeration alone is home to 2 million people and has a population density of 3,780 people/km2.

The transportation network

which has long favoured public transit and alternative transportation, makes Greater Montréal a smart city. In addition to the standard bus, subway and commuter train offerings, the region boasts more than 1,700 km of bicycle paths, 5,100 Bixi rental bikes and several car sharing systems. According to car2Go’s general manager, “Montréal is perfect for intermodal transportation.”

Forward thinking

“car2go is a true innovation in mobility. And like any innovation, some people adopt new innovations sooner than others. That’s the case with Montrealers—they are innovative and smart people who are well informed and quick to grasp the benefits of technological progress.”

Jérémi Lavoie, General Manager, car2go Montréal

“car2go signed up 28,000 members in just one year—that’s huge. Talk about a roaring start! Montréal is one of the biggest success stories of car2go, which operates in 29 major cities. ”