Why FusiA landed in Greater Montréal

Why FusiA landed in Greater Montréal                                          

A global aerospace hub

Along with Toulouse and Seattle, Québec’s metropolis is one of the three world aerospace hubs, and home to four industry leaders: Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, CAE and Bell Helicopter Textron. Greater Montréal is a commercially strategic choice for FusiA and other companies in the sector.

A dense industrial fabric

Montréal’s aerospace sector has an annual turnover of $12 billion and comprises more than 210 companies—including 13 equipment manufacturers, MRO integrators and specialists and 190 specialized subcontractors and service providers. FusiA has joined an active ecosystem that enables it to develop a value chain around its innovative technology.

An ideal welcome structure for SMEs

Montréal International, Aéro Montréal, the Québec aerospace research and innovation consortium and the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec worked together to help FusiA realize its project and accelerate the start-up and financing of its activities.

Cyrille Chanal, President, FusiA

“Going beyond the attractiveness of Greater Montréal’s aerospace sector, the region’s biggest advantage has been the welcome we received. Bringing a French start-up and new technology to Canada was doubly challenging. Despite this, we have felt supported, guided—and even pampered. For an SME, this kind of support is huge.”