Why Greater Montréal is a perfect match for Alten

Why Greater Montréal is a perfect match for Alten                                          

The presence of leaders

Alten’s main markets are IT and aerospace—two sectors where Greater Montréal boasts a large concentration of international leaders. In 2013, these two sectors accounted for two thirds of the $1.28 billion in foreign direct investment attracted by Montréal International.

A dynamic market

Montréal’s GDP in the ICT sector jumped 25% between 2002 and 2012, to $15.5 billion. “With this rate of growth, the metropolis is without a doubt the best place to set up and develop a business. Canada’s IT future is being played out right here.”

The quality and diversity of workers

According to a study by Aon Hewitt, Québec’s metropolis ranks third in North America and fourth globally for low overall risks associated with employee recruitment, employment and relocation. The local job market is comprised of 2 million workers and is characterized by stable growth, bilingualism (54%), a high concentration of jobs in high-tech sectors (7.3%) and a highly diverse range of skills.

Maxime Leca, Vice-President, Operations, Alten Canada

“Montréal is a great place for IT start-ups and an excellent springboard to conquer the North American market. This is even more true for French companies, as the region’s French-speaking setting makes for faster integration. The same is also true for foreign workers, thanks to the region’s great linguistic and cultural diversity.”