Why Servier is investing in Greater Montréal to develop new drugs

Why Servier is investing in Greater Montréal to develop new drugs                                          

Outstanding research teams

With 600 establishments—including 300 public facilities—and 12,000 researchers and professionals specializing in life sciences and health technologies, Greater Montréal is Canada’s biggest laboratory, recognized the world over for its high-level skills and publications.

A favourable R&D environment

The construction of two new multidisciplinary research facilities and two new mega-hospitals has fostered a particularly dynamic R&D environment, which is further supported by numerous financial incentives such as attractive tax credits.

Access to markets

According to Servier, Québec stands out through its willingness to make innovative treatments available to all patients by paying for and refunding drug costs to ensure the health system continues to develop sustainably. The Montréal InVivo cluster, which opens up business and collaboration opportunities, fosters competitiveness and growth in the sector.

Frédéric Fasano, Chief Executive Officer, Servier Canada

“When it comes to R&D, the competition is global. We have to make a business case to headquarters for each project to explain why we should invest in North America instead of a fast-growing emerging economy. What gives our new clinical research centre its advantage is the fact that Greater Montréal has a one-of-a-kind life sciences ecosystem.”