“In terms of mobility and immigration, Montréal International’s expertise is essential: they know the procedures from A to Z, keep track of all legal changes and make sure that files meet all the requirements. This makes it much faster and easier to recruit new talent and transfer personnel from our Japan headquarters or our other studios around the world.No one has an international mobility service like this anywhere else in the world. Elsewhere, our studios have to deal with pricey law firms to manage files — and they don’t transfer knowledge. Montréal International’s approach is a lot more personalized and collaborative: in addition to handling our requests day-to-day, their advisers explain what they do, then they transfer their expertise to us through training. This is a much more effective and useful approach!”


Isabelle Tremblay, Director, Human Resources
Square Enix


After first setting up in Québec in 2007 with Eidos Montréal, Square Enix beefed up its presence two years ago by opening another studio, Square Enix Montréal. International mobility is a very important factor for this major video game firm: 30% of its 500 Montréal employees come from Japan, the US and Europe.