Why Ericsson picked Greater Montréal for its global ICT centre

Why Ericsson picked Greater Montréal for its global ICT centre                                          

Access to outstanding talent

As Canada’s university capital with 11 higher education institutions and around 170,000 students, including 20,000 foreign students, Greater Montréal offers high-tech companies a qualified, experienced, diverse and affordable workforce. Today, 7% of Montréal workers are employed in high-tech industries, making the metropolis a North American powerhouse in higher knowledge.

Operating costs and tax incentives

According to KPMG, R&D companies in Greater Montréal enjoy the most competitive operating costs of North America’s 20 largest cities, thanks to advantageous tax rates and various tax credits offered by the provincial and federal governments. Ericsson benefited from these programs and incentives that have made Greater Montréal Canada’s most competitive metropolis.

Electricity costs

ICT centres like Ericsson’s are big energy consumers. In addition to being located in a climate zone that is favourable to this type of activity, Greater Montréal offers the most competitive rates for high-power consumers among the continent’s 10 largest metropolises. Thanks to Québec’s hydroelectric generating system, the power produced and sold here is renewable and less inclined to price fluctuations.

Maria Elena Carbajal, Vice-President, IT Solutions in America and Head of Montréal Site, Ericsson Canada

“Compared to other North American sites that have positioned themselves, Greater Montréal clearly has the most favourable ecosystem. It is here that we have the best access to the strategic markets we are targeting and the key human, financial and energy resources we need. It is here that collaboration with universities, local partners and the rest of the industry is the most advanced.”