Yi Huang

“I was born in China, studied in the US, and now I work in Montréal. You can imagine how complicated the immigration process would be. Fortunately, my new employer — McGill University — referred me to Montréal International right away, and they helped me get everything sorted out. MI arranged an information session and supported me at every step of the immigration procedure—including the work permit and permanent residency, which I have just obtained. What I love about Montréal, besides my position at the university and my work environment, is the accessibility of services such as child care and public transit. Plus the city’s dining scene, museums, cultural life – and safety – are second to none. Here you always feel safe, even when out late at night.”

Yi_Huang_003Yi Huang, Assistant Professor
McGill University Faculty of Science

A graduate of Princeton University in New Jersey, Yi Huang knew little about Montréal when he came to interview for an assistant professor position at McGill University’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. According to Mr. Huang, he fell in love with Montréal right away!