AAA Canada will have its own in-house training centre

June 21, 2018

A first in the industry

Benoit Hudon, President and Chief Operating Officer, AAA Canada

Major expansion work was undertaken at AAA Canada’s Sainte-Thérèse offices to support its new on-site specialized training strategy.

In the following months, theoretical and practical training sessions will be offered in its offices, making AAA Canada the first Aerospace and Transportation services company to offer and cover the entire training process for its workers in its own offices.

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This investment distinguishes AAA Canada from the competition and creates complete autonomy in managing, supervising and organizing training. Collaborative labs and workshops for structural, electrical and mechanical assembly will be offered under the same roof to put what was learned into practice.

AAA Canada is a pioneer in leading-edge sectors and hopes to reproduce this same in-house model for its Toronto offices. Training and respecting qualifications and certifications are central to its commitment and drive the organization to improve its practices and methods to deliver quality services to clients.

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