Canada: a Leading FDI Destination According to the Milken Institute

The March 2013 edition of the Global Opportunity Index – Attracting Foreign Investment report by the Milken Institute ranked 98 countries across six continents on their attractiveness for foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2011(1).

The highlights:

  • Canada achieved the 4th highest score in the overall index for 2011, while the U.S. ranked 22nd. Canada also placed in the top 10 for the following three categories: rule of law (3rd), ease of doing business (8th) and regulatory quality (9th).
  • Canada has made significant progress since 2007, climbing seven positions in the overall ranking from 2007 to 2011. With a 1.42% increase in its composite scores, Canada placed 6th among G20 countries(2) in the overall index from 2007 to 2011, whereas the U.S. slipped 8.11%.
  • Hong Kong (SAR(3) – China), Singapore and Denmark lead the 2011 index, with the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Australia and Ireland rounding out the top 10.
  • The BRIC countries ranked 65th, 72nd, 74th and 53rd, respectively.

To calculate the overall ranking, the Milken Institute assessed 67 variables across five broad categories weighted equally (20%): economic fundamentals, regulatory barriers, ease of doing business, regulatory quality and rule of law(4). Each country then received a final score out of 10.


(1) The Milken Institute also compiled composite scores for the preceding four years (2007-2010).
(2) Among those featured in the report. Canada ranks 6th if we exclude Hong Kong, which is considered a region on its own in the report (separate from China).
(3) Special administrative region.
(4) No scores and rankings are available for the individual variables assessed.

Mathieu Lefort, Senior Analyst, Economic Research Division


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