Expert tips: Atilla Otaner – ELITS CANADA

June 20, 2017

Atilla Otaner, President of ELITS CANADA

Atilla Otaner Elits Canada

1. What does your company do?

ELITS Canada Inc. is a global IT services company.  We are the North American subsidiary of ELITS Global Group with head office in Sweden. Our North American headquarters are in Montréal, and we are present in Ottawa, Toronto and San Jose. Our main strength is within IT and data storage. We have developed a business model for global data storage based on simple agreements, cost control & full flexibility. ELITS is one of Europe’s most trusted storage partners, and together with some of the world’s most data-dense companies, we have created a unique model for storage, cloud and operational services. We have deep technical expertise also in IT Infrastructure, IT Security, Databases, Windows, Unix/Linux, Technical Writing and Software Development. We also offer project management services within IT and we are a trusted partner when it comes to changes you need to do within your IT Department and we assist companies when it comes to Mergers & Acquisitions.

2. Who are your clients?

Our major client is a Swedish global telecommunication provider. We are a good fit for any industry.  Our main target clients are large enterprises where we can become the trusted partner for their out sourced or out tasked services needs. We also provide IT consultants for the areas mentioned earlier.  We are a truly customer focused company, a partner, and we pride ourselves in understanding all our clients needs.

3. What makes your company stand out in the Montréal’s Business community? What is your expertise?

We take pride in our Storage expertise. Every company has highly sensitive information and this information needs it be an integral part of any business, so you need to have a partner that you can trust. Our experience shows that we can offer stronger security, greater capacity and higher availability than traditional storage providers for Data Storage services.  We are proud to offer an option to simplify and consolidate the storage without compromising the control of our clients IT environment.  Today, our global storage team handles over 8 petabytes of data, they manage and support over 70, 000 users in over 100, 000 different storage areas for enterprise storage. When it comes to Cloud and Virtualization, we have developed an in-house product that can be customized to our customers’ needs which we have recently launced that we are very excited about.

4. What are the three words that best describe Greater Montréal?

Talented, Dynamic, Multicultural

5. What advice would you give a foreign company that want to invest in Greater Montréal ?

Montréal is a great place to invest in! When I was given the task to open a subsidiary here in Montréal 6 years ago, I did not hesitate. However, I also did get great help from Montréal International, by being given a key contact who advised me on the administrative side of the business, such as selecting an accounting firm, choosing legal representation, banks etc. At the end of the day, the decisions become much easier. With the administrative side taken care of, I could focus on growing the business. Montréal is a great city, with it having a diverse culture. It is a fully bilingual city, and it has wonderful talented workforce. Montréal is a good base to be at and still have access to operate within the rest of North America.  Costs are lower in Canada compared to United States, yet you truly feel that it is a great city to establish within since it is so dynamic. The next advice I would give you is if you decide to establish yourself here, you would also know who can help you with your IT needs.

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