Fall is shaping up to be a busy season in Greater Montréal

A host of high-profile events and projects will be taking place in the coming months and the entire Montréal International (MI) team will be hard at work to make sure everything goes smoothly. Here are a few of the files we will be working on between now and December.

To start with, MI will be attending a wide range of overseas promotional events. Delegations from MI will go to Singapore in September to meet with international organizations and will also take part in a trade mission to China in November with Québec premier Philippe Couillard. There will also be several prospecting missions throughout the season, and a mission to recruit specialized workers will be held in Paris in December.

Later on this fall, MI will be participating in the “je vois mtl” initiative. This project, which is aimed at boosting the metropolis and its economy, was set up in the wake of the Program to revitalize Montréal report, released in February by BMO – Bank of Montreal and Boston Consulting Group. We are pleased to help with this major project to stimulate wealth creation for all of Greater Montréal.

MI also contributed to an opinion prepared by the Conférence régionale des élus (CRÉ) de Montréal on the retention of foreign students, which will be released at the end of September.

MI is also working on the strategic impact of tax credits on the development of some of Greater Montréal’s key sectors. This brief will be submitted to the Québec taxation review board to increase the efficiency, equity and competitiveness of the tax regime. Hearings are scheduled to begin later this fall. Our contribution to this discussion stems from our proven expertise in attracting foreign investment as well as our role as an advocate for the business community.

Naturally, a number of investment projects—involving new business start-ups or expansions, the arrival of international organizations in Greater Montréal, or our contribution to various files and economic studies—will also be announced shortly.

Yes, fall is definitely going to be a busy time in Greater Montréal!

Philippe Valentine
Analyst, Economic Research

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