Greater Montréal one of the most affordable rental markets in North America

Nestpick has recently released its 2017 Furnished Apartment Index, which looks at the average asking price for rental apartments in 100 cities around the globe. Of the 19 North American metropolitan areas in the ranking, Greater Montréal has the lowest rental rates for single-person-capacity apartments (420 sq. ft.) and family-capacity apartments (797 sq. ft.).

As shown below, renting a furnished apartment in Greater Montréal costs less than in any other city in North America.


Source: 2017 Furnished Apartment Index, Nestpick
  • Cost advantage (for a single-person-capacity apartment):
    • 58% over Toronto
    • 160% over Seattle
    • 273% over Boston
    • 365% over San Francisco
  • Cost advantage (for a family-capacity apartment):
    • 55% over Toronto
    • 96% over Seattle
    • 327% over Boston
    • 339% over San Francisco

The Index clearly shows that Greater Montréalers enjoy unmatched quality of life. And that’s what appeals to more and more professionals who come to live, work and start a family in the city.

Click here to read the Nestpick study.

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