Greater Montréal reaches ever higher


Anyone who has observed the Greater Montréal skyline can see that it has been reaching higher and higher in recent years! The region is in the midst of its biggest building boom since the ’60s and ’70s — a period when many of its iconic skyscrapers went up. Today, construction cranes are hard at work on the Roccabella, the Tour des Canadiens, the Icône, the Deloitte tower and the Avenue. These projects will soon join the ranks of the region’s recently completed towers such as Evolo I and II, the Altitude condos and the Marriott Courtyard. The metropolis is booming, no doubt about it.

What is less obvious is that a survey done by Emporis Research* ranks Montréal as the third-busiest construction site in North America, with 25 skyscrapers and buildings of 35 metres or more in height – behind Toronto and New York. In addition to moving up one spot since 2012, Montréal has moved ahead of other cities known for their skylines, such as Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston. In addition to making a substantial addition to Greater Montréal’s urban skyline, these new towers will add to the dynamism and densification of its central neighbourhoods.

The sky’s the limit for the metropolis!

Philippe Valentine
Analyst, Economic Research Division

*Please note that access to the Emporis database requires a paid subscription.

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