Greater Montréal reaffirms its position as a global game development hotbed

Greater Montréal is already recognized as Canada’s video-game capital and one of the industry’s global hotbeds. A recent ranking released on the Game Industry Career GuideBest Cities of Video Game Development Jobs website confirms the region’s position. Home to 40 of the 2,000 game development studios worldwide, Montréal ranks 5th in the world, behind only Tokyo (58), London (48), San Francisco (46) and Austin (44).

Canada’s leader in video game development

In Canada, close to 40% of all the studios in the country are located in Greater Montréal, positioning the region well ahead of Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Québec City. Thanks to Greater Montréal’s strong performance, Canada is now number three in the world of video game development, behind the United Stated and the United Kingdom.

Greater Montréal’s reputation, however, does not rest on the number of game development studios alone. The region is also famous for being home to industry world leaders such as Ubisoft, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Behaviour and Warner Bros. Games.

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A most attractive work environment

Game Industry Career Guide lists three main factors job seekers in the industry are looking at.

Career security. In a volatile project-based industry, where layoffs occur more often than in other industries, it’s faster and easier to get a new job if there are more studios around.

Concentration of talent. In a city with a high concentration of talent, employees get the chance to quickly advance their careers while working with the most talented developers in the world.

Size, which fuels growth. The more games are being developed, the more businesses will grow and look for talent. That means more job opportunities for game developers.

Greater Montréal not only scores high on each of the three factors, but has a strong ecosystem of expanding businesses as well. The city is also recognized worldwide as a great place to live—and that’s something it can count on to attract the best in the industry. What’s more, studios that locate in Greater Montréal receive very competitive tax credits and have access to a pool of skilled, talented, and highly creative bilingual workforce. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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