Greater Montréal tops Global Location Trends rankings

IBM Global Business Services recently released its 2014 Global Location Trends report, which breaks down the latest foreign direct investment (FDI) trends[1]. This year’s report rates Greater Montréal as a choice destination for FDI.

Absent from the top 20 in the previous year’s edition, Montréal was up seven places in 2014 to take the 15th spot in the global rankings of metropolises that received the highest number of FDI projects. Even more impressive is the fact that Greater Montréal ranks third among North American cities — just behind Chicago and Atlanta. These three metropolises are the only ones to make the global top 20.

Canada ranks 16th among countries that created the highest number of jobs as a result of FDI — the same spot as last year, despite a 4% increase in foreign investment in the country.

While Québec premier Philippe Couillard and Montréal International CEO Dominique Anglade are on an economic mission to China, it is interesting to note that the drop in global FDI by Chinese firms is not being felt in developed countries — but instead has affected emerging and developing countries. Chinese investment has even increased in several developed countries. It’s a good bet that this economic mission will produce results and help Montréal snag a spot in the top 20 for 2015.

You can view the document here.

[1] The study is based in public investment announcements and self-reporting by economic development agencies.

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