Why is the Montréal’s visual effects industry growing so strong

Lean more about why do major, ambitious companies like Framestore, Atomic Fiction, BUF, Technicolor, Cinesite and Moving Picture Company (MPC) choose Montréal.

Made-in-Montréal big screen hits

Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past, Cinderella, Into the Woods, RoboCop, Edge of Tomorrow or Dracula, and you are looking at movies that incorporate Montréal genius. Around 170 foreign movies have been shot in Montréal over the past five years as filmmakers profit from Québec’s world-renowned post-production and special effects expertise.

But the inspired creativity of Montréal studios reaches far beyond the big and small screen. Take, for example, Montréal’s Moment Factory. They have provided special effects for major events like Madonna’s appearance at Super Bowl 2012 , the Sagrada Familia light show in Barcelona and the performances  of artists such as Cirque du Soleil, Céline Dion, Arcade Fire and Nine Inch Nails.

Given the plethora of talent in the area, it’s no surprise that White Star Capital, a British fund that invests seed and start-up capital in forward-looking companies in the information and communications technology industry, recently announced that it would be opening an office in Montréal.


X-Men: Days of Future Past – Scenes in Washington D.C. were filmed in Montréal and then digital crafted by Digital Domain

Montréal, a special effects hub that creates a very special effect

Over the past decade Greater Montréal has become one of the world’s most significant special effects hubs. This success story owes its beginnings and subsequent meteoric growth to the ingenuity and artistic talent of the region’s entrepreneurs. The metropolitan area is also in a position to leverage the skills of more than 35,000 creative software developers. Key industry players in Montréal include Autodesk, RODEO FX, Modus FX, Technicolor, Mokko Studio, Digital Dimension, Moment Factory, Hybrid and Vision Globale, to name just a few.

Industry support that pays off

Québec’s tax scheme for the special effects industry is one of the most generous in the world. To support the growth of the special effects, multimedia and movie industries, the Québec government offers companies favourable tax terms that meet real industry needs. Such tax incentives have spurred many foreign special effects companies to open and expand subsidiaries in Montréal over the past few years.

Greater Montréal, a place where art and innovation come together!

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