Greater Montréal’s Strengths – Part 1

We’ve kept quite busy these past few months and our efforts have really paid off. Here are some of the positives we’ve showcased to get foreign companies to settle on Greater Montréal.


North America’s number one host city for international association events

Canada enjoys an excellent international reputation for its sound banking system and business-friendly environment, among other things. That’s also a plus for Greater Montréal, helping to attract tourists, convention goers and business travellers to the region.

International destination specialist Gogobot ranked Montréal No. 2 among the world’s emerging cities in 2016. No wonder the city has once again been named North America’s leading destination for international association events according to the 2014 International Meetings Statistics Report! 1

An enabling business environment for the high-tech sectors

High-value-added high-tech sectors account for an increasing share of Greater Montréal’s economy. Aerospace, information and communication technology, and life sciences and health technology clusters are key components of the region’s high-tech ecosystem. And they have a bright future ahead of them!

Montréal’s video game industry, for instance, continues its strong upward trend, ranking 5th in the world according to the 2015 Game Industry Career Guide. Dramatic growth in this knowledge-based sector is excellent proof that the sectoral approach used by Montréal International—and by the Québec government on a broader level—is delivering results.

The region’s financial industry is also getting global attention. Today Montréal ranks No. 17 among the world’s top financial centres on the Global Financial Centres Index 18,2 just a hair behind Chicago, Boston, Frankfurt and Dubai, and ahead of Luxembourg and Shanghai.

A shift towards a knowledge-based economy

The future of Greater Montréal’s economy is taking shape right before our eyes and we believe the region’s knowledge-based sectors, including promising niche industries such as big data, creative industries and the Internet of Things, will have a big say in it. Despite global economic turmoil, particularly in the natural resources sectors, Montréalers are well-positioned to use their most abundant resource—their brain power—to drive the region’s economy.


1: Union of International Associations
2: Qatar Financial Centre

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