High tech: invest in Greater Montréal for “the highest concentration of jobs in the country”

October 18, 2018

  → An exclusive interview with Nadege Corcoran, Regional Vice President, Strategic Solutions, Accreon

Did you know Montréal has the highest concentration of high-tech jobs (220,000) in Canada? The city is especially well-positioned to benefit from the digital revolution and its associated technologies (artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, visual effects, the Internet of things, etc.)

Accreon, a U.S. company that specializes in managing technology for the life sciences and medical technology industries, quickly recognized Montréal’s extraordinary potential and the advantages offered by its innovative environment.

For Nadege Corcoran, Regional Vice President at Accreon, what sets Greater Montréal apart is:

1) An active business community with numerous events—parties, conferences, conventions.

2) A high concentration of world leaders in high-growth industries.

3) A collaborative business environment. Greater Montréal has more than 60,000 businesses gathered in one of the most compact urban areas in North America.

Technology at the service of health

Based in Boston, Accreon opened an office in Montréal to develop more business in Canada. “Montréal is a big city that feels like a small neighbourhood. People get together often and easily”, says Nadege Corcoran. As an example, she recalls it took just a couple of phone calls to start a business relationship with the CEO of a large corporation. After less than 18 months in Montréal, Accreon has concluded several business deals and is already planning to grow its presence, doubling the number of hires it’s forecasting for this year.  

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