What makes Greater Montréal a natural access for North America?

Greater Montréal bridges the gap between North America and Europe. In addition to being a cultural and geographical crossroads, the region is a natural gateway for trade between the two continents. 

As a result, the region has developed into Eastern Canada’s main intermodal transportation hub. Greater Montréal is home to one of the continent’s biggest ports, three airports (including two international airports) and a road network providing access to more than 135 million consumers within a 24-hour driving radius. Montréal has direct air connections to 130 international destinations and is a mere 90-minute flight from Toronto, Boston and New York City. The St. Lawrence Seaway provides access from the Atlantic Ocean to the heart of the continent. Hardly surprising then, that the region is a natural hub for businesses looking to prosper in North America.


Greater Montréal provides direct access to the world’s biggest markets

Thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Greater Montréal is also a springboard for businesses selling to 460 million consumers in the world’s biggest markets. In addition to existing trade agreements with a number of nations in Latin America, the Middle East and Europe, new agreements currently being hammered out with the European Union and South Korea are expected to expand trade even further. Agreements are also in development with Japan, India, Central America, and a dozen Pacific Belt nations. The Government of Canada’s active trade policy is a major asset to the metropolis.

Canada: fertile ground for business success

Montréal companies benefit from the outstanding international reputation of Canada’s business climate, which ranks top among the G7 nations. In addition to the stability of Canada’s banking system, the World Bank praises the country’s streamlined processes for launching new businesses. Canada boasts the world’s fourth-best foreign investment climate according to the Global Opportunity Index 2013 published by the Milken Institute.

Greater Montréal has the keys for your success

Few world metropolises are as ideally located as Greater Montréal for companies seeking convenient access to world markets. In addition to direct access to the US market, Greater Montréal offers a large number of skilled workers along with competitive advantages for businesses that are looking to set up in North America. The region’s economic promotion agency, Montréal International, can help you get the most out of your expansion projects.

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