Montréal among top cities for annual job creation

Despite economic ups and downs in recent years, Montréal has performed well in job creation. Greater Montréal’s employment growth rate over the past five years is among the highest for 20 major U.S. and Canadian cities. With an annual average growth rate of 1.2% from 2008 to 2013, the region ranks third, just a hair behind Toronto (1.5%) and Houston, Texas (1.4%).

The city is expected to maintain its momentum, albeit at a slightly slower pace. According to the Conference Board of Canada, employment is projected to increase about 1.2% every year over the next five years. Montréal’s key sectors, including ICT, aerospace and creative industries, will continue to power the region’s economy by creating high-quality jobs.


Sources: Conference Board of Canada, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; data compiled by Montréal International, 2014

Kim Somers
Analyst, Economic Research Division

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