Montréal International and Mazars are creating a Greater Montréal together

November 16, 2015

Here are some expert tips from Mazars, specialized in assurance, tax and accounting for the successful set-up or expansion of foreign companies in Greater Montréal.

Mazars in Canada has more than 50 years of experience in providing Assurance, Tax, Accounting and Advisory Services. The group supports small and medium enterprises, large private and public companies, non-profit organizations and individuals in all stages of their development.

Lucette Poliquin, FCPA, Partner and Chairman of the Board, of Mazars in Canada, shares her tips with you.


Mazars Experts tips

To maximize your implantation or expansion in the Greater Montréal area:

  1. Prepare a sound business plan, then list and detail the stages of the project.
  2. Seek out partners who are able to advise you on tax, accounting, financial, legal and other issues, throughout your business venture. It is extremely important to choose experts who have extensive knowledge of the business environment, like Montréal International.
  3. Pay special attention to all applicable tax rules, especially in cases of international mobility or with respect to commodity taxes, transfer pricing, as well as any tax credits and government incentives to which the company may be entitled.
  4. Keep in mind deductions at source on transactions between a subsidiary and its parent company. Also, certain international treaties might enable the company to avoid double taxation.

Montréal International and Mazars are creating a Greater Montréal together.

Becoming a Montréal International partner, you will integrate a network of local economic players with a global presence, get a high-value tailor-made program that goes beyond a simple sponsorship in addition to contributing to the prosperity of Greater Montréal. Discover here the unique expertise of Montréal International great partners, expert tips.

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