Montréal International joins WeChat, China’s most popular social media platform

December 12, 2016

Known for its vibrant economy, strong high-tech sectors, rich pool of skilled talent, unique creativity and remarkable ability to innovate, Montréal is becoming an increasingly popular destination for foreign direct investment from China. In 2015 alone, two of China’s largest banks—the Bank of China and ICBC—opened offices in the city. Additionally, strategic partnerships between Chinese and Québec firms have grown significantly in number and more and more Chinese companies, such as Huawei, have engaged in R&D projects, bringing capital to the province and giving Quebec businesses preferential access to the Asian market.

To tap into the city’s growing popularity with Chinese firms and the tremendous business opportunities with China, Montréal International has turned to WeChat, China’s most powerful social media app. Launched in 2011 by Chinese giant Tencent, WeChat has quickly become the most widely used cross-platform instant messaging app in China. The app is the Chinese version of Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and currently has over one billion registered user accounts, 800 million active users, and over 70 million users outside China.

WeChat gives us maximum exposure to potential investors and the unique opportunity to promote Greater Montréal’s economic strengths to China by reaching out to investors in their language, Mandarin. And with 5,000 Chinese students living in Greater Montréal, what better way than WeChat to spread the word about Contact MTL ( in China? Ambassadors use the Contact MTL network to share their successes, scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations and academic achievements, or talk about cultural, sports or tourist events and other feats of excellence and creativity. In doing so, they help shine a spotlight on Greater Montréal and strengthen the city’s position as a centre of culture and learning and an economic and technological powerhouse.

We are one of the few economic development agencies in Canada to have joined WeChat and we plan to wow Chinese investors by promoting Greater Montréal as North America’s ultimate business destination.

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