Montréal is the best major city in the Americas for Millennials

November 3, 2017

Nestpick’s 2017 Millennial Cities Ranking awarded top spot to Montréal in America and 7th place in the world among major cities that are most attractive to Millennials.


This is wonderful news for Montréal’s tech community, whose growth will further depend on its ability to attract young talent from around the world.


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Cities with more than one million inhabitants offering the best quality of life for Millennials


Openness and available recreation boosts Montréal up the ranks

Compared to other big cities with a million or more inhabitants, Montréal scores relatively well in the 16 criteria assessed for tallying the general ranking. The city particularly stands out for the following criteria:

  • Immigration Tolerance (1st in the world)
  • LGBT Friendliness (1st in America and 8th in the world)
  • Access to Contraception (1st in America and 8th in the world)
  • Night Scene (1st in America and 7th in the world)
  • Festivals (1st in America and 2nd in the world)

Methodological notes

European firm Nestpick, specializing in online rental of furnished apartments, analyzed a number of cities across the world to determine which cities offer the best living environment for Millennials.

In its ranking, Nestpick assessed 16 criteria in the following four categories:

  • Business Ecosystem: how attractive is the job market to young people, the vibrancy of the start-up environment, and tourist attractions in the city.
  • The Essentials (cost of living): access to housing, transportation, health, food, Apple Stores and Internet speed.
  • Openness: access to contraception, gender equality, immigration tolerance and LGBT rights.
  • Recreation: a vibrant night scene, the beer market, and the number of festivals.

All 16 criteria were scored in a standardized manner, between 0 and 10, to create a comprehensive final score.

To see the study, references and sources, please refer to this link.

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