Why Montréal is renowned for its outstanding quality of life

October 30, 2014

One thing we often hear from people who have spent time in Greater Montréal is that it is a human scale city, making it an ideal place to live. Quality of life is a variable, intangible concept that is difficult to gauge based on specific factors. Yet, we can claim that Greater Montréal is definitely one of the top metropolises with the best quality of life in North America based on several indicators.


The perfect combination of big-city living and joie de vivre

First of all, the Greater Montréal Area boasts one of the most affordable costs of living among big cities. In general, it costs about 30% less to live in Montréal compared to other major Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. Moreover, the region really stands apart from other large cities in the world due to the low cost of public services, particularly healthcare and education. At the end of the day, Montrealers have more money left in their pockets to take advantage of what the city has to offer, including its vibrant art scene!

A diverse, accessible cultural scene that offers something for everyone

Greater Montréal stands out from other urban centres in North America through the sheer volume and diversity of its cultural scene. As a bilingual and multicultural metropolis, Montréal offers a wide variety of world-class events alongside numerous local cultural happenings. In addition to high-profile events such as the Jazz Festival, Formula One Grand Prix and the Montréal World Film Festival, the city is also home to alternative festivals such as Osheaga, POP Montréal and Igloo Fest. More than 120 events and festivals are held in the city every year.


Moreover, people who enjoy music, exhibitions, theatre, movies and performing arts can indulge their interests at more than 180 performance spaces, 65 museums and 270 movie theatres in downtown Montréal alone!

Montréal takes first place

Greater Montréal’s outstanding quality of life is bolstered by its status as one of the safest metropolises on the continent. Montréal is often ranked amongst the friendliest cities, top tourist destinations or top summer cities in the world. It is also the best city for cycling in North America.

Ultimately, what makes living in Montréal a truly unique experience is the locals’ joie de vivre!

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