Montréal wins 2017 Smart Cities Award

The City of Montréal received the 2017 Smart Cities Award from FIA (Fédération internationale de l’automobile) during the Smart Cities Forum, organized alongside the first Formula E race in the city.

The award, presented to the most innovative city in recognition of its smart and sustainable mobility solutions, celebrates the ambitious projects rolled out by the City of Montréal over the past few years, including the 2016–2020 Transportation Electrification Strategy, the CGMU (urban mobility management centre) and the city’s commitment to road safety by adopting the “Vision Zero” strategy.

Montréal wants to become the North American leader in transportation electrification and sustainable mobility by 2020. Creating an institute for electrification and smart transportation is one step in that direction. The institute will leverage Montréal’s transportation and AI expertise, which is key to developing autonomous vehicle technologies and more.

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is experiencing sustained growth in Québec and employs 3,000 workers in about 40 companies and 30 specialized research centres. The creation of an EV industry cluster earlier this year will no doubt strengthen Montréal’s role as a key enabler of sustainable mobility and a connected community of the future.

Greater Montréal has also made a name for itself as the world leader in AI and big data, as recently mentioned in Fortune magazine. With the largest number of academic researchers in deep learning and a raft of major public and private investments, the area has all the cards stacked in its favour to see intelligent transportation and sustainable mobility flourish.

Google, known for developing a self-driving car, has recently chosen Montréal as the home base for a new AI research group that will be headed by Hugo Larochelle and will be working with Montréal universities. The company will be investing $4.5 million over three years.

In addition to being praised for its visionary projects in the area of transportation systems, Montréal was also named Intelligent Community of the Year in 2016 by the Intelligent Community Forum, in recognition of its innovative use of information and communications technologies to create economic prosperity, address social issues and enhance quality of life, in part by improving transportation and mobility.

The transportation industry is experiencing a dramatic shift and Greater Montréal plans to play a pivotal role in the process by showcasing its leading-edge industries, expertise and ability to innovate.

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