Powerful business ecosystems: born of inspiration, nurtured in clusters

November 10, 2014


What makes clusters so essential to business success?

Important positive effects can be obtained when cluster concepts are implemented correctly. By increasing the competitiveness of single firms, they provide macroeconomic benefits including stimulating competence development in a given region, increasing inner investments, creating a positive job effect and promoting entrepreneurship. This is why Greater Montréal has gone out to encourage cluster development throughout its metropolitan area.

Strength in clusters

Greater Montréal is home to seven high-tech industrial clusters. These private-sector clusters bring together members from the business, association and government communities. They represent over 20% of total employment in the metropolitan region, which corresponds to more than 400,000 jobs.

These Montréal clusters are major catalysts for the region’s economy in the aerospace , film production, finance, life sciences and health technologies, information and communications technologies, clean technologies and logistics sectors. The clusters are ideal partners for businesses that have recently set up in Greater Montréal as they provide excellent networking opportunities.

Collaboration, another driving force behind Greater Montréal’s business ecosystem

One of Greater Montréal’s most notable strengths is its extremely diversified economy. What binds this matrix is cooperation, the bringing together of all economic stakeholders, thanks to Montréal International. Montréal is a city of many cultures so over the years its citizens have learned how to work together to develop a common vision of what works best for businesses.

This cultural blend plus carefully developed synergy between academia, politics and the economy has given rise to innovative clusters and major projects that directly meet business needs.

Local initiatives with global reach

Collaboration in Greater Montréal also creates major group projects. The “je vois mtl” initiative (designed to create more momentum for the region) is an excellent example. All the players and decision-makers in the metropolis will benefit from the 120 projects involved, spread out over four major sites.

Moreover, the clusters and sector associations in the metropolis regularly hold various international events and conferences. C2MTL, Écotech Québec Rendez-Vous, AEROMART, BIOQuébec or Americana are fine examples of Montrealers’ willingness to go beyond borders in order to find new partners.

This drive to combine all available strength and experience will no doubt once again earn Greater Montréal the top spot for hosting the most international association events!

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