Québec innovation takes centre stage in Europe

Montréal International was invited to the 23rd  EBN Congress—a global conference organized by the European Business Network—held in Lleida, Spain, from June 25 to 27, 2014. This year, over three hundred entrepreneurs, CEOs and economic development players got together to discuss best practices for innovation.

An exhibition area featured some twenty organizations and associations specializing in innovation, and more than fifteen round tables and workshops were held over three days fuelling discussions on the three conference themes: empower youth, accelerate entrepreneurship and transform lives. This year, the EBN Congress hosted notable speakers, provided highly interesting networking activities, and also placed the spotlight on Québec. This was not by chance. Our European partners are well aware of Québec’s thriving entrepreneurship and the potential offered by the future economic agreement and global trade between the European Union and Canada, which is making the news.

Québec made its presence known throughout the conference, particularly as the Québec Government Office in Barcelona had set up in the exhibition area and a Québec business and agencies took part in four round tables and workshops. Louis-Philippe Maurice, CEO of start-up Busbud, presented his vision and solutions on smart mobility. The Director of Economic Affairs at the Québec Government Office in Barcelona, Alfons Calderón, explained why Québec attracts so many new businesses. Sabin Boily, Director of Innovation and Industry Relations at Quartier de l’Innovation de Montréal, talked about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Montréal and focused on start-up companies. Lastly, Dominique Anglade, President and CEO of Montréal International, did a great job stressing Greater Montréal’s assets to inspire young entrepreneurs.

Note that at this conference, Québec, and particularly Greater Montréal, are recognized around the world as a major centre for emerging innovation. This recognition further strengthens the metropolis’ reputation among young entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

What is the big challenge?

Continue to make Greater Montréal a global innovation hub while maintaining its uniqueness!

Philippe Valentine
Analyste, Montréal International

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