Video games: invest in Greater Montréal for its “vibrant creative and artistic energy”

  → An exclusive interview with David Anfossi, Head of Studio, EIDOS-Montréal

Did you know Greater Montréal is one of the top 5 video game production centres in the world? The industry employs more than 10,000 full-time workers, representing over half of all Canadian jobs in the sector.

The source of the industry’s worldwide success is 140 studios that draw from a rich and diversified ecosystem of world-class firms specializing in visual effects, virtual reality and IT. Indeed, some of the biggest names in the industry—Ubisoft, Warner Bros Games and Eidos—have created such mega-productions as Assassin’s Creed Origins, Batman Origins and Tomb Raider.

For David Anfossi, Head of Studio at EIDOS-Montréal, what sets Greater Montréal apart is:

1) A cosmopolitan atmosphere accentuated by vibrant creative and artistic energy.

2) High-calibre universities and training programs that are focused on industry needs.

3) A top-notch business environment. Greater Montréal is No. 1 in terms of operating costs for video game production among the 20 largest cities in Canada and the United States.

Local production, international success: Eidos has grown from 2 to 700 employees

EIDOS-Montréal, a subsidiary of Japan’s Square-Enix, is one of the world’s most acclaimed video game studios. It has created several outstanding successes, including the Tomb Raider trilogy, Deus Ex and The Avengers. A little over a decade after its founding, Eidos now employs 700 workers in an immense studio that will reach 67,000 square-feet in 2019! “We began with just 2 employees and today Eidos is recognized around the world for the quality and creativity of our productions and the artistry of our talent,” Mr. Anfossi says.

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