The world-class affordable location for your film locations and studio work

When it comes to film production in North American, there’s a metropolis in the North East that offers world-class technical expertise and creativity at surprisingly low cost. Over the past five years, some 170 foreign movies have been shot in this city.

These include big-budget full-length features like X-Men, Days of Future Past, White House Down, Life of Pi and Mirror, Mirror. It’s a film-making hub that can help make your next movie project a real success, it’s Greater Montréal !

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Greater Montréal : the creativity you need for your latest cinematic creation

Greater Montréal is one of the most creative metropolises on the planet. The region has tens of thousands of highly qualified bilingual workers in both film production and post-production. That’s why so many international studios have made Greater Montréal part of their plans. Framestore, RODEO FX, Cinesite, Atomic Fiction, Digital Dimension, Hybrid, BUF and Technicolor were all drawn to the city by this vast pool of talent with several of these companies employing Montréal International as a major ressource.

Extensive infrastructure co-starring with a competitive cost advantage

The Greater Montréal film industry boasts over 15 production studios and four sound recording studios. This world-class infrastructure positions the region as a major film production hub in North America. The fact that it is also one of the most affordable cities in the business only serves to make it even more attractive.

Greater Montréal offers a very competitive tax environment, thanks to generous incentives from the Québec government. These incentives, including tax credits for film production services and multimedia title production provide some of the lowest cost in North America.

Greater Montréal: a stimulating environment

The Québec film industry is supported by a structural cluster in the form of the Québec Film and Television Council (QFTC). Resulting collaborations have made a name for Québec—and Montréal—film productions on an international scale. This creative environment has not only drawn international film productions but also contributed to the global success of Montrealers Xavier Dolan, Jean-Marc Vallée, Denis Villeneuve and François Girard. It’s a city that takes great pride in its film-making heritage, a pride that can be seen in every movie that is touched by Greater Montreal’s outstanding expertise.

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