Confidentiality Policy

As new communication technologies emerge, privacy protection is becoming a primary concern. That is why we are committed to keeping your personal information confidential and secure.

What personal information we collect

We collect the following information about you through forms and your interaction with our website:

  • Name: Full name
  • Email address:
  • Country: Canada
  • Profession: President
  • Organization: Montréal International
  • Interests (business sectors, services)

Forms and website interaction

We collect personal information via forms such as:

  • Website registration forms

We use the information we collect about you to:

  • Email you links to download our publications
  • Send you our newsletter (if you subscribed to it)
  • Send you statistics (internal reports)
  • Contact you
  • Answer your comments


As most websites, the Montréal International website uses cookies—small text files containing information about your use of a website. To learn more about cookies, go to:

Refusing or withdrawing consent

You may refuse to consent to our collection of your personal information, or you may withdraw your consent.

For example, you may refuse to have your personal information used for the purposes for which it was collected or you may withdraw your consent, requesting that your personal information no longer appear on an emailing list.

To exercise your right to refuse or withdraw consent, please contact us at:

Address: 380 St-Antoine Street West, Montréal, Québec  H2Y 3X7


Telephone: 514-987-9302

Accessing your personal information

Our website users may access and update their personal information at any time. If you would like to review, change or delete your personal information, please contact us at:

Address: 380 St-Antoine Street West, Montréal, Québec  H2Y 3X7


Telephone: 514-987-9302


The information we collect about you is stored in a secure environment and all our employees are required to protect your privacy.

We keep your personal information secure by:

  • Using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol
  • Restricting access to authorized individuals
  • Restricting access to individuals concerned
  • Using network monitoring software
  • Performing back-ups
  • Issuing digital certificates
  • Requiring user names and passwords
  • Using firewalls

We are strongly committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information by using the latest technologies available. However, as no security system is perfect, there is always an element of risk involved with sending information via the Internet.