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Largest U.S. companies in Greater Montréal

Companies Industry
Autodesk ICT
Bell Helicopter Textron Aerospace
Esterline CMC Électronique Aerospace
General Dynamics Manufacturing
Kraft Canada Agri-food
Laboratoire Charles River Services Précliniques Montréal LSHT
L-3 MAS Aerospace
McKesson LSHT
Merck & Co LSHT
Molson Coors Brewing Agri-food
Morgan Stanley ICT
Pratt & Whitney Aerospace
Pfizer LSHT
RTI Claro Aerospace
United Parcel Service (UPS) Logistics and transportation
Xerox ICT

Greater Montréal enjoys close ties with the United States. The US is metropolitan Montréal’s biggest trading partner. The numbers speak for themselves: there are more than 1,200 subsidiaries of US companies operating in the metropolitan region.


Insight from Barry Kohler

“The spirit of cooperation that one finds in Montréal’s aerospace cluster is due, in my opinion, to the fact that the activities of its four prime contractors differ to such an extent that they feel comfortable collaborating with one another with the clear intent of helping their suppliers to keep pace with them. The result is remarkable vitality, easy access to all that is needed to assemble aircraft and an extraordinarily diverse set of skills and talents.”

Barry Kohler, President of Bell Helicopter Textron Canada

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