Philippe J. Rousseau - Lawyer

Although the region offers a dynamic and diversified workforce, you may have a need to hire foreign nationals. Even though a work permit is required for all foreign professionals, in many cases the procedures are quick and simple.

  • US and Mexican nationals working in one of the 63 professions covered by NAFTA can obtain their permits in 5 to 10 days.
  • Canada has signed free trade agreements with several countries (such as Argentina, Chile, Peru and South Korea) making it easier for these countries’ nationals to obtain work permits.
  • Specialized or management workers who have been employed by the organization for at least one year in another country may avail themselves of the intra-company transfer program. Depending on their nationality, they may also be eligible to obtain a work permit in 5 to 10 days.
  • If an employee works in one of the professions on the list of professions in high demand in Québec, the process will take around 5 weeks—depending on the foreign worker’s nationality.
  • In all other cases, an organization that wishes to hire a foreign worker must demonstrate that it has made reasonable efforts to hire locally before it submits a permit application. The entire procedure (local job market impact study, Québec acceptance certificate and work permit application) takes 2 to 3 months—also depending in the foreign worker’s nationality.