Alfredo Gomes-Simoes - Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Real Estate Broker NKF Devencore

Whether you are looking for prestige office space, an industrial loft or a production workshop, you will find it in Greater Montréal—and at a price that is more affordable than in other major North American cities!

Leasing is usually a two-step process:

  • You start by making an offer to lease to propose your conditions for the space you are interested in. Negotiations usually follow for these conditions.
  • Once an agreement is reached, you sign a commercial lease, which sets out the lease cost (usually based on the amount of space) and the negotiated conditions.

What kinds of conditions are covered in the lease?

  • The lease term;
  • Included and excluded operating expenses (e.g., parking, heating, security, housekeeping services, etc.);
  • Responsibility for leasehold repairs and improvements;
  • Responsibility for property taxes and public utilities;
  • Items covered by the lessor’s insurance;
  • Subletting options for all or part of the leasehold.

Before you sign your lease, have it reviewed by a lawyer, accountant, real estate broker or building inspector. A Montréal International advisor can refer you to a trusted professional.