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At a glance

  • 34,000 direct and indirect jobs related to the mining sector.
  • 24 mines operating in Québec and more than 250 open-pit mineral extraction sites.

Québec is the largest province in Canada (1,667,441 sq. km.), and a prime destination for mining operations. The province is rich in ore deposits. By setting up their offices in Greater Montréal, mining companies gain access to a highly qualified workforce coupled with the lowest operating costs among North America’s 20 largest cities.

Top 4 reasons to choose Greater Montréal

1. Diverse range of minerals currently in production, notably iron ore concentrate, gold, copper, zinc, nickel, niobium, titanium, graphite, platinum and cobalt, make Québec one of the largest mining producers in Canada—particularly for metallic ore.

2. Industry development potential: Québec offers a high potential for discovery of new extraction sites for ores already exploited in the province, or for new substances such as lithium, rare earths, tantalum and diamonds.

3. High onsite ore-transformation capacity: Québec has 12 ore transformation plants (excluding aluminum smelters). There are two smelters (copper and titanium dioxide), two refineries (copper and zinc) and eight cement, lime and clay plants.

4. Lowest operating costs in North America: the competitive incentives and cost of labour, office and industrial space as well as electricity make Greater Montréal an ideal location for setting up a company.

According to KPMG (2013)

Metropolitan Montréal ranks first among the 20 largest cities in North America in terms of competitive operating costs. The cost advantage is more than 10% for all sectors combined compared to the average for the other 19 major cities.

Source: Ministère des Ressources naturelles du Québec

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