Services to Investors

Your partner of choice to help you succeed in Greater Montréal

Montréal International (MI) offers a single point of access to a series of personalized, free and confidential services. The organization can count on the expertise of some eighty professionals who are specialists in their fields.

Our Achievements

  • Attracted $15.5 billion in foreign direct investment since 1996
  • Helped over 650 foreign companies set up or expand their operations
  • Helped more than 10,000 strategic international workers relocate to the region

Strategic and Operational Advice

Whether you are looking to set up or expand your operations, forge strategic alliances, or tap into business opportunities for continued growth, we can provide helpful guidance and advice.

Financial and Tax Programs

Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of government programs to learn about the various financial and tax incentives intended for foreign businesses investing in Greater Montréal and get advice on available funding for your type of project.

International Mobility

Enjoy a complete range of support services that will make it easier for you to hire skilled foreign workers (e.g., advice on obtaining official documents and helping foreign workers integrate).

Industry Expertise

Get strategic advice and first-hand information on all of Greater Montréal’s fast-growing sectors thanks to our unique expertise on the region’s clusters.

Economic Data

Receive a wide range of comparative data on Greater Montréal’s business environment—such as market access, workforce availability, operating costs, and quality of life—and make the most of the information and analyses featured in our promotional publications.

Network Access

Build close relationships with federal, provincial and municipal partners, business and financial networks, universities, and training and research centres.

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