A pool of highly qualified workers


An educated workforce

A breeding ground for talent sustained by a world-class academic network

  • Best student city in the world according to the QS Best Student Cities 2017 ranking
  • 11 institutions of higher learning and numerous colleges and vocational training centres
  • 200,000 university students, including 33,500 foreign students
  • Canada’s university capital

Source : Gestion des données sur l’effectif universitaire (GDEU), Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur, 2017

Reputable academic institutions

6 full-service universities

 A growing market

One of North America’s most dynamic and flexible labour markets

  • 2 million workers
  • Stable job growth, despite the global economic turmoil of recent years
  • Easier recruitment for companies- 3rd in North America and 4th in the world for low overall risk associated with recruitment, employment and workforce relocation

Source: Aon Hewitt, Consulting Global Research Center, 2013

A culture of innovation

  • 7.7% of the workforce is employed in a high-tech jobs, ahead of Dallas and Toronto
  • 6th highest concentration of high-tech jobs in North America
  • An omnipresent culture of creativity and innovation

Sources: U.S Census Bureau, 2016, and Statistics Canada, 2016

A synergy of skills

A unique climate of collaboration between university researchers and high-tech industries

  • The largest university research centre in Canada
  • Top metropolitan area in Canada for university research funding
  • Largest number of university researchers in Canada
  • A model based on collaboration and public/private partnerships

Source: Research Infosource Inc., 2017

A welcoming climate

Immigration : a powerful economic development driver

  • 53,000 new immigrants each year
  • A society open to multiculturalism

Source: Conference Board of Canada, 2017

A multicultural metropolis

The most bilingual and trilingual metropolitan region in Canada

  • 2.5 million residents speak English, that’s 9% more than in Vancouver.
  • 55% of the population is bilingual (French and English), compared to just under 8% in Toronto and Vancouver

Source: Statistics Canada, 2016

  • Almost 20% of the population is fluent in three or more languages, compared to 4% in Toronto and 3% in Vancouver
  • More than 100 languages spoken – a key advantage for businesses with foreign markets

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