Exceptional quality of life


A region brimming with advantages

  • North-American efficiency and european charm: Greater Montréal offers workers and their families the best of both worlds
  •  Affordable housing—20% less expensive than in Toronto or Vancouver
  • A very safe environment

Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013


  • Lowest homicide rate (1.3 per 100,000 inhabitants) among North America’s 20 largest metropolitan areas (4.7 per 100,000 inhabitants on average) in 2011

Sources: Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2013 and Statistic Canada, 2013


  • Basic health care provided at no cost to Canadian citizens and permanent residents


  • More accessible higher education, thanks to the lowest tuition fees in North America
  • World’s top city for undergraduate studies

The land of equal opportunity

  • Of all G7 countries, Canada ranks first in terms of equal opportunities for people of different origins

Source: IMD, 2012

A cosmospolitan and bilingual environment that is open to the world.

Mr. Dawra’s opinion

“Montréal is one of the most pleasant cities I have seen to this point. Moreover, it is a very vibrant city that has a very interesting mix of European and American culture. I also appreciate how courteous the people are, the variety of sporting activities provided, the night life and the quality of food.”

Saurabh Dawra, Manager Technical Solutions, Ericsson, who recently moved to Montréal and has lived on 4 continents

A lifestyle where oportunities for cultural discovery, fine dining and outdoor activities abound

Mr. Benjamin’s opinion

“Montréal is also known for its ethnic and cultural diversity, lifestyle, safety and reasonable cost of living.”

Mr. Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General, ICAO

A quality of life that is renowned over the world

TOP 10

hip cities
New York Times, 2011


global destination
NewNowNext Travel Awards, 2011


of Design since 2006


on the Best Summer Cities list
Lonely Planet, 2011

Number 1

in North America and number 11 globally on the index of bicycle-friendly cities
Copenhagenize, 2013

Top host city

in North America for international association events
Union des Associations Internationales (UAI), 2012

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