Advice and support


Our experts can guide you through all the steps involved in setting up or expanding your operations in Montréal.

Support for IOs wishing to set up in Montréal

Financial Support

IOs choosing to set up their headquarters, a regional hub or programmatic office in Montréal could be eligible for financial support through the Montréal International Development Fund (FODIM), managed by Montreal International. To qualify, organizations must meet certain criteria, namely:

  • present a business plan to Montréal International, including 5-year financial projections;
  • commit to create at least five permanent full-time positions in Montréal;
  • demonstrate that they have secured adequate funding (50% of the organization’s revenues must be derived from non-Canadian sources).

Network Access

Montréal International can arrange introductory meetings and organize profile-building activities with local key institutional, academic and business stakeholders and potential partners to enhance the benefits of your organization’s presence in Montréal.

Strategic and logistical advice

We provide information about registering your organization and setting up your operations in Montreal, as well as assistance with finding and assessing potential sites for your offices and identifying and recruiting employees.

International Mobility

Our International Mobility division provides free and confidential advice to international organizations wishing to hire strategic foreign employees in Montréal.

Support for Montréal-based IOs

At Montréal International we believe that strong partnerships are key to an IO’s sustainability and success. This is why we provide support and long-term accompaniment to Montreal based IOs.

Strategic and Operational Advice

We organize regular workshops on themes and issues of interest to IOs, such as local legal frameworks, human resources, communications or promotional activities. Our team can also offer advice on organizing events in Montréal.

Financial Support

If you plan on expanding your operations in Montréal, you may be eligible for funding from the Fonds de Développement International de Montréal (Montréal international development fund – FODIM). Eligibility requirements include developing a new program and creating at least five new permanent full-time jobs in Montréal.

International Mobility

We offer free, customized support regarding work permit procedures to IOs seeking to recruit skilled temporary or permanent strategic foreign employees. Assistance with obtaining permanent residency is also available to IO temporary foreign employees already living in Montréal.


Any IO may encounter difficulties from time to time. Whether you are faced with generic difficulties or with challenges that are specific to your own organization and require customized solutions, our team will help you address those issues or refer you to the appropriate resources.

Network Access

We can help you build and maintain dynamic local and international networks and partnerships through regular networking and profile-building activities with institutions as well as academic and business communities.

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