Moment Factory illuminates the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

September 25, 2012


The cities of Barcelona and Montreal invited Moment Factory to showcase architect Antoni Gaudí‘s renowned Sagrada Familia by creating a moving fresco on the basilica’s Nativity façade. The result, a 15-minute multimedia tribute to one of the world’s most revered churches, is an uplifting story of rebirth, hope and beauty. Here’s the official demo.

Sagrada Familia (Ode à la vie) – Démo officiel from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

Based in Montreal, Moment Factory specializes in creating “unforgettable moments” for its audiences across the world. Made and managed by young and creative minds, visionary artists and visual wizards, Moment Factory is now among the world leaders of multimedia events with more than 300 shows and installations. Thanks to a strong technological element in its designs and a multimedia approach, Moment Factory is giving birth to a new form of presentation as well as contributing to the development of the visual arts as a whole.

Here is a making of video of this multimedia project. (in French)

Sagrada Familia (Ode à la vie) – Teaser from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

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