MI honors the IOs established in Montréal

Montréal International held a reception at the Montréal City Hall on November 8 in honour of the some 60 international organizations (IOs) established in Montréal to highlight their invaluable contribution in enhancing the metropolitan region’s international status.

The event provided an opportunity for networking and discussion among IO representatives and MI partners, and to highlight the arrival, in Montréal, of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA), representing some 100,000 pilots worldwide.

Jacques St-Laurent, President and CEO of MI, and Harout Chitilian, President of the municipal council at the City of Montréal, both voiced how proud they were to see so many international organizations in Montréal.

Mr. St-Laurent also addressed the participants, reminding them that they are the best ambassadors of what Montréal has to offer to international organizations. “Should you hear about an IO in the process of being established or relocating, we thank you in advance for informing us so that we may further strengthen the ranks of the Montréal IO community,” he said.

In addition to attracting international organizations to Montréal, MI’s mandate includes supporting the IOs already established in Montréal in their development and growth efforts.


The IO team of Montréal International (from left to right): Arnaud Dion, Benoît Lefèvre, Stéphanie Allard, Sandenga Yeba, Coryell Boffy-Resel.

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