ADETEL Group sets up in Longueuil and joins with Varitron Technologies

Montréal International (MI) and DEL welcome the establishment of the ADETEL Group, a French firm specializing in the design of onboard electronic equipment, in Longueuil, in the borough of Saint-Hubert. ADETEL Canada, which has just signed a strategic partnership with Varitron Technologies, an electronic product assembly firm, is planning on creating around 100 specialized jobs in the next three years.

“The establishment of ADETEL Canada in Greater Montréal strengthens the international development of the ADETEL Group in North America and its design capability with Canadian industrialists; and adds onboard electronics system analysis security to its mix. This enables us to respond to ever-increasing demands from our clients, whose security requirements are continually growing,” said François Sébès, President and CEO of ADETEL. “Our partnership with Varitron Technologies provides us with powerful and effective test tools which we can offer to our clients in the rail and aeronautics sectors to ensure performance that is unequalled in terms of operational security.”

To meet ADETEL Canada’s demand and better serve the needs of its expanding clientele, the Varitron Group has invested $3 million to optimize production space and double the area of its head office. “With a joint offer that combines ADETEL’s experience in design with Varitron’s production capacity, we are able to offer our respective clients an integrated solution that directly meets their requirements,” said Michel Farley, President of Varitron Technologies. “We are delighted that an international company is partnering with a world-class local company to develop cutting-edge systems and processes,” said Gilles Côté, Chief Executive Officer of DEL. “Varitron Technologies’ expansion in Longueuil and the forging of this strategic partnership with ADETEL Group has been hailed by the entire Agglomeration of Longueuil business community. We are very proud to have been able to contribute to this success. Projects such as this drive us to refine our service offering to encourage the deployment of emerging and strategic sectors that define our territory.”

“It is first and foremost a partnership success that we are celebrating today,” said the President and CEO of Montréal International, Jacques St-Laurent. “The cooperation between Montréal International and DEL in this case set winning conditions for ADETEL Canada,” he added. “ADETEL’s arrival brings out the many advantages Greater Montréal has to attract subsidiaries of foreign companies and shows how important it is to have a cohesive business sector that has rallied together to implement projects that create jobs.”

About the ADETEL Group

With its 600 engineers, the ADETEL Group specializes in the design of onboard electronic systems for energy storage, power electronics and control applications in the aeronautics, defence and security, rail and medical sectors.

About Varitron Technologies

Established in Saint-Hubert and Granby, Québec, Varitron Technologies provides electronics manufacturing services to the energy, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, military and automobile industries. Varitron’s manufacturing expertise and its cutting-edge equipment enable it to offer a complete service combined with world-class quality standards.

About DEL

DEL’s mission is threefold: Help make companies more aware, provide them with information and offer them support and assistance for improvement and development projects so they can become more competitive; Collaborate with partners and contribute to the economic vitality of Longueuil by implementing anchor projects; and in the role of facilitator, participate in the development of real estate and tourism on the territory of the Agglomération of Longueuil.

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