Talent Attraction: a Boost to Growth and Development

Greater Montréal is in the midst of a world-wide race for talent. Access to a qualified workforce has become a strategic issue to ensure the prosperity and competitiveness of companies in the area, particularly in some fast-growing, cutting-edge sectors. That is why Montréal International (MI) is actively supporting companies in Greater Montréal in their efforts to recruit abroad by organizing international recruiting missions they can participate in.

”Journées Québec,” the next recruiting mission, will take place in Paris and Brussels from June 6 to 11, 2013. Montréal International invites companies in the metropolitan area to register free of charge for the next information breakfast scheduled for Thursday, February 28, by contacting Dârini Vedarratiname, by e-mail at or by telephone at (514) 987-8191.

With the support of Conseil emploi métropole and in cooperation with the Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles (MICC), MI is proposing a “turnkey” formula to employers in Greater Montréal, which will enable them to focus all of their efforts on recruiting specialized and experienced workers during the mission.

“We provide a high value-added personalized service, which includes, in particular, postings and promotions of job offers, candidate pre-selection, logistical organization and technical support for the entire mission,” said Louis Arseneault, Vice-President Talent Attraction, Promotion and Communications at MI. “The recruiting of international talent contributes directly to the attractiveness and competitiveness of Greater Montréal and complements the other two mandates of our organization, which are to attract foreign companies and international organizations to the city.”

Conclusive results

“Employers in Greater Montréal which, to date, have taken part in missions arranged by Montréal International have been very satisfied with the calibre of candidates they have met with along with the many people they have hired,” said Arseneault.

Since 2010, recruiting missions have enabled about forty or so companies in the Greater Montréal region, mainly in the IT consulting, aerospace, video games, health care and consulting engineering sectors, to meet with more than 5,600 preselected candidates, receive 1,200 for a second interview and hire more than 250 specialized and experienced workers.

At the most recent recruiting mission alone, which took place in Paris and Barcelona last December, 14 participating companies from Greater Montréal met with 1,623 candidates and selected 270 for a second interview. To date, some 70 people have been hired, and another 200 or so applications are being processed.

“France is the recruiting pool of choice for companies in Greater Montréal on the lookout for talent. Thousands of qualified French workers would like to settle in the Montréal area, particularly due to exciting career opportunities and professional challenges, its high quality of life, its accommodating people, its North American business environment and its European cultural influences,” said Arsenault. “People living in Greater Montréal enjoy the advantages of a vibrant Francophone working environment that offers numerous opportunities combined with the benefits of a rewarding personal and family life.”

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