MI and Montréal Mayor on European mission

Montréal Mayor and President of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM), M. Michael Applebaum, and the President and CEO of Montréal International, Jacques St-Laurent, will be travelling to Europe, May 11 to 18, to take part in a technical mission.

This mission will provide an opportunity to learn about model projects in Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm, in collaboration with municipal governments of Northern European nations. This mission will also provide opportunities to hold prospecting meetings with head offices that already have a subsidiary in Greater Montréal or want to set up here.

The purpose of the mission is to understand how to integrate sustainable neighbourhood planning projects into a larger-scale planning process, and to gain an understanding of model projects and sustainable neighbourhood development practices. It will also provide an opportunity to raise awareness about the economic opportunities available in Greater Montréal redevelopment projects in several areas—in particular the area around the former Montréal hippodrome.
“I am eager to take part in this mission to share our vision of developing the Montréal metropolitan region in the next few years with our European counterparts. Our discussions will undoubtedly enable us to understand the key factors for the success of foreign projects and thus adapt them to our situation,” said Mayor Applebaum.

“This mission will also allow us to promote the many advantages Greater Montréal can offer European businesses that want to capture the North American market. We are pleased we can count on Michael Applebaum, the Montréal Mayor and President of the CMM; Charles Villiers, Québec’s Delegate General in Munich; Stéphane Paquet, Québec’s Delegate General in London; and France Bourdon, Director of Investissement Québec in Stockholm, to support us in attracting foreign investment,” said Jacques St-Laurent. “This joint effort, supported by the Canadian embassies in Stockholm and Copenhagen, demonstrates Greater Montréal’s commitment to bringing together conditions to encourage new subsidiaries to set up in the Montréal region.”

Montréal Development Plan

The Montréal Development Plan (MDP) was adopted by the City’s Executive Committee on February 27, 2013. This strategic city development vision heralds the achievement of priority urban projects, notably the Quartier des spectacles, areas around the Ville-Marie Expressway, the Bonaventure project and Griffintown sector, the McGill University Health Centre and surrounding areas, as well as the Outremont site and surrounding areas.

Moreover, the MDP highlights the need to plan for major sectors slated for redevelopment over the coming decade. Priorities include the Montréal Havre (harbourfront) sector with the construction of the new Champlain Bridge, the Namur/de la Savane sector which includes redeveloping the former Montréal hippodrome sector, and centre d’Anjou—the blue line metro terminal extension.

These current and future projects provide opportunities to transform these sectors to foster intensified and diversified urban activities around public transit and active transportation and integrate contemporary environmental approaches such as integrated water management and reduction of urban heat islands by greening the city.

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