Open Source Software Leader LINAGORA Sets Up in Greater Montréal

LINAGORA has announced it is opening a subsidiary in Greater Montréal next fall. “Québec’s policy to support innovation and businesses combined with the proximity to the US market were determining factors for us. Furthermore, the Québec government’s stated interest in open source software offers very promising prospects for a company such as LINAGORA,” said CEO Alexandre Zapolsky.

“The arrival of a company such as LINAGORA of France—a leader in open source software that specializes in a promising sector of the knowledge-based economy—showcases Greater Montréal’s dynamism as a high-tech hub,” said Élie Farah, Vice President, Investment Greater Montréal, at Montréal International.

The company, which has been operating in Silicon Valley for several years, has decided to pursue its international expansion. The first phase will be through Québec then Greater Montréal. This decision was the result of a dialogue that started five years ago between Montréal International, Investissement Québec and the Québec delegation in Paris.

“Subsidiaries of foreign companies give a huge boost to the city’s economic development and international status. There are some 2,000 foreign companies, including over 300 subsidiaries of French firms, that account for 9% of all jobs and 20% of the region’s GDP,” added Farah.

LINAGORA will start with two employees in Montréal, but the company expects to invest some $10 million and create 55 new jobs in Québec and elsewhere in Canada within three years.


LINAGORA publishes its own open source software and offers a range of professional services for major open source projects. Open source publishing is centred around four innovative offers:

  • Messaging tools and collaborative work;
  • LinShare: Dependable, secure and paperless solutions;
  • LinID: Identity, access and federation management applications;
  • Petals: Open source ESB that adapts to large-scale infrastructures.

LINAGORA’s range of software includes OSSA, Open Source Software Assurance, which has a comprehensive catalogue of over 200 open source software that are ready to use on a single platform — the The software also includes contractually guaranteed support and maintenance. OSSA is risk-free open source. The software offer is complemented by a range of professional services and training to support heavy users of open source software with their knowledge structure transformation projects.

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