Danone’s Expansion in Boucherville

Montréal International (MI) and DEL welcome Danone’s decision to consolidate the production of its OIKOS yogurt at its Boucherville plant, located in Montréal’s South Shore. This major project represents an investment of $40 million over five years, which will result in the creation of some ten direct jobs and 250 indirect jobs in the region.

On hand for the announcement were Québec Premier Pauline Marois—who confirmed a $5-million interest-free loan from the Québec government—and the Minister for Industrial Policy and the Banque de développement économique du Québec, Élaine Zakaïb.

“In order to leverage the success of its OIKOS brand—that is becoming increasingly popular with Québec consumers—Danone has acquired precision, leading-edge equipment that provides great versatility in the manufacturing and packaging of its product,” said Nick Krzyzaniak, President and CEO of Danone in Canada. “This investment confirms not only Danone’s role as a major economic development agent in Québec, but reaffirms its leadership as the country’s largest yogurt producer,” added Krzyzaniak.

Concerted support

In addition to the financial assistance provided by the Québec government, Danone was able to count on the support of Montréal International (MI) and DEL to facilitate its expansion project in Boucherville.

“The strategic support of Montréal International and DEL is indicative of the interest in Danone Group’s future and the development of the agrifood transformation sector in Québec,” said Élie Farah, Vice President of Investment Greater Montréal, Montréal International. “Danone’s success, which focuses on innovation in its business strategies, fosters the development of new technologies and reinforces Greater Montréal’s position as a world-class hub for the dairy product industry,” added Farah.

“The spinoffs generated by Danone’s activities in Québec’s agrifood industry are significant. The expansion announced today will enhance the profile of the industry and the Longueuil agglomeration,” said DEL Chief Executive Officer, Gilles Côté. “We applaud the significant efforts Danone has made so far in investing in its Boucherville facilities and we are pleased to see this major company expanding again.”

OIKOS was recognized as the “Best New Canadian Product” by the Retail Council of Canada. The product is inspired by Greek tradition and produced using a separation technique that yields a yogurt with a rich texture. This texture requires about three times as much milk compared to regular yogurt, thus increasing its protein content.

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