1,500 International Students Celebrate Their Arrival in Montréal!

The Montréal Conférence régionale des élus (CRÉ) (Regional conference of elected officers) is delighted with the success of the fourth edition of the international student festival held yesterday. The event was held at the Montréal Science Centre and was attended by more than 1,500 students from over 100 countries who recently enrolled in a Montréal college or university.

Montréal CRÉ and its partners organized this festive and fun event to underline the importance of welcoming international students to Québec.

“Foreign students bring their energy, originality, knowledge and experience to Québec. We are pleased to welcome these young people from around the world, who enrich our society with their talents. Through the Québec experience program, the Ministère offers a large number of these students an opportunity to settle in Québec permanently and pursue their personal and professional fulfilment,” said the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities and Minister responsible for the Charter of the French Language, Diane De Courcy.

This networking event featured lots of surprises and prizes – including numerous show tickets from La Vitrine. Leading Montréal organizations were showcased and participants had an opportunity to discover the possibilities offered by Montréal in terms of culture, work, social and civic commitment, as well as longer-term immigration perspectives. The students got a taste of Montréal’s unique festive experience through the percussive rhythms, musical performances and frenetic video projections put on by the Igloofest team.

“Montréal is a place where talented people can work together to innovate and succeed. More than ever, international students are contributing to the vitality of our city through their ideas and energy. We are delighted to welcome them among us and dedicate this evening to them,” said Manon Barbe, President of Montréal CRÉ.

Montréal offers quality educational opportunities, an affordable cost of living, and the appeal of a creative, dynamic and French-speaking metropolis in North America that combine to make it a destination of choice for post-secondary students: in Fall 2011, approximately 31,000 international students were registered at Québec colleges or universities, 73% of which were enrolled in Montréal.

The CRÉ has developed numerous projects in partnership with Montréal’s principal universities and colleges to welcome and retain international students. Further to these actions and in keeping with the Montréal-area action plan and specific agreement on immigration, integration and intercultural relations, the CRÉ organized the international student festival with the financial support of the Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Montréal International, Éducation Montréal, the City of Montréal, and post-secondary facilities in the region.

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