2013-2014 Edition of Greater Montréal Attractiveness Indicators Now Available


Montréal International is proud to introduce the 2013-2014 edition of Greater Montréal Attractiveness Indicators designed to promote the metropolitan region’s economy to the world. Focusing on the main factors foreign investors look at when choosing a location such as market access, workforce, clusters, costs, taxation, incentives and quality of life, the brochure confirms Greater Montréal’s attractiveness compared to its main North American rivals.

People power: Canada’s top university city

Greater Montréal has the largest pool of graduates in Canada. Additionally, the area is also one of the most linguistically diverse in North America: over 50% of Montréalers are bilingual and close to 20% speak at least three languages.

Industrial power: Seven clusters of excellence in high-tech sectors

Greater Montréal has a significant critical mass of skilled workers in knowledge-intensive industries. The region also leads the country in innovation and creativity, with the most university researchers and highest university research investments in Canada.

Economic and financial power: A big city at a low cost

In addition to boasting the most competitive business operating costs among major Canadian and U.S. urban centres, Greater Montréal also has the second-lowest business tax burden in North America thanks to the wide range of tailor-made government incentives on offer.

These are just some of the highlights of Montréal International’s Attractiveness Indicators 2013-2014 brochure. To find out more about what Greater Montréal has to offer and see how the region ranks among major Canadian and U.S. metropolitan areas, check out the full version or the summary of our brochure.

Happy reading!

Christian Bernard
Director, Economic Research
Montréal International

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