LINAGORA launches its operations in Greater Montréal

Just a few months after setting up in Greater Montréal, France-based LINAGORA, a publisher of open source software, is off to a roaring start after landing contracts with high-profile clients such as the City of Montréal. Alexandre Zapolsky, President and CEO and co-founder of LINAGORA, and his management team hosted an inauguration cocktail to celebrate this milestone with the partners who helped them set up their local operation.

LINAGORA, which is Europe’s leading open source software company, chose Québec for its innovation support strategy, its proximity to the US market, as well as the provincial government’s policy favouring the use of open source software in government departments and agencies. “Setting up in Greater Montréal is a highly strategic move for our company’s development. The region offers a very favourable ecosystem for open source software, along with outstanding opportunities. I believe Québec has what it takes to repeat in the open source software field what it has managed to achieve with the video game industry,” said Zapolsky.

LINAGORA plans to invest $10 million and create around 50 jobs over the next three years. “We are in the process of training the managers and engineers who will make up our Montréal unit. Thanks to our planned R&D program and the determination of all stakeholders, I am confident that the next generation of open source software will be created right here,” added Zapolsky.

Montréal International, whose mission is to attract foreign direct investment, has supported the company in setting up in the region. “LINAGORA’s success further bolsters the software sector in Greater Montréal and confirms our metropolis’ position as a centre of high technology and a crossroads for innovation,” said Dominique Anglade, President and CEO of Montréal International.


LINAGORA has 150 employees at offices in France, Belgium, and the United States. LINAGORA publishes open source software developed in-house and offers a full line of professional services for free and open source software projects.

In recent years, the company has invested heavily in R&D to develop collaborative messaging solutions, digital safes and identity management software. The company’s solutions are used by several public agencies in France – including the departments of finance, economy, domestic affairs, culture and defence – as well as the national police force and numerous local communities.

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